Tim Balch

Music Monday: “Tell Rachel I’m Sorry”

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Though drummer John Collier and I had collaborated initially on an EP that pre-dates The Kiera Plan, in truth “Tell Rachel I’m Sorry” was the first Kiera Plan song.  John and I had so enjoyed our first collaboration, which we’d initially thought might be just for that EP, that we decided to press forward together and make an album.  We decided to call ourselves The Kiera Plan, and that album would be 2009’s Dedication.

We first hit the studio in 2006 and recorded a single track with producer Vince Ratti.  It was our first as The Kiera Plan, it definitely set the tone for the album it started, and it was called “Tell Rachel I’m Sorry.”

That single version may only have appeared on our MySpace page – remember MySpace?!  But a polished up version 2.0 appeared on Dedication, and with it came this montage clip to celebrate:

It was filmed at a 2009 show with The Kiera Plan, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, and The Pink Spiders – a show that remains a highlight for me.  While the lighting was dim, the fun factor was high, Philly was dancing, and two of my favorite people – Chris and Steve Mocey – make an early cameo in the video!

Joining me in The Kiera Plan line-up at the show was Greg Park on bass (and getting down), Tim Balch on the drums, and incredible guitarist Jessica Stefanov.  Greg and Jess joined me for a number of great shows that year, including the first-ever Kiera Plan performance on Radio 104.5!

I hope you enjoy the clip, and the song!