Single: Not for Sale

Not for Sale

Music by Shawn Mocey and John Collier, Lyrics by Shawn Mocey

Shawn Mocey – vocals, guitar, bass, keys
John Collier – drums
Abdul – vocals
Kharee – vocals

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Keep your eyes peeled, ya’ll, and take a look around
Tell me what you think about how it’s going down
If you hear my words and if you feel the sound
Then you there’s some things we need to figure out
I think it’s time we try to give the kids more
Show them that there’s something else to live for
It’s okay to get less and give more
You can’t find a spine for sale in stores
So stand up, let’s all break our silence
Speak out against drugs and violence
We’ve got so much more inside us
It’s time to end the reliance
On sexism, narcissism, homophobia
Let something sacred just take a hold of ya
And see through the junk that’s been sold to ya
Or what you own just ends up owning ya

Let ’em know
You’re not for sale

You know some things got lost and they should check that
Because there’s some things they sell that they can’t get back
Where’s the heart, the soul, the self respect at
I guess on their LPs I can’t expect that
So take a minute, and hear what they’re telling you
See what’s in it, and what they’re really selling you
Hate, pain, death, and loss they ring a bell to you?
And they ain’t paying the cost, so I guess it fell to you

Let ’em know
You’re not for sale

How ’bout a refund?  How ’bout some money back?
How ’bout we ask for more and let ’em run with that
It’s time to take score, nothing to wait for
Don’t need any of the paper, ’cause you know we can make more
More of ourselves, and more of our life
More for each other, man, let’s start it tonight
They might talk big, but they aren’t ready to fight
They’ve been selling what’s wrong, so let’s tell ’em what’s right

Copyright 2016 The Kiera Plan, published by Kiera Plan Music, BMI

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Trevor Leonard

Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering / Ringwood, NJ

Cover art photo by Trevor Leonard