Man, You Know That’s Right

Have you heard the new single?  “Man, You Know That’s Right” features Abdul and Kharee – you heard these two make a cameo on “Not for Sale.”  I hope you enjoy hearing these guys do their thing with a full 16 each.  You’ll hear me (Shawn Mocey) on verse 1, Abdul on verse 2, and Kharee on verse 3.

Watch “Man, You Know That’s Right” on YouTube:

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We’ve got more new music coming at you all summer!  We’ll have a new track going up June 1sr, another new track July 1st, and ANOTHER new track August 1st.

So psyched to share it all with you.



Not for Sale / The New Movement

“Not for Sale” is available on iTunes:


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and elsewhere

We will donate all money from downloads in 2016 to Mercy Hospice (http://www.mercyhospicephilly.org/) and St. John’s Hospice (http://saintjohnshospice.org/) in Philadelphia. Visit their websites to find out how you can be even more help.

For more on The Kiera Plan: https://thekieraplan.wordpress.com/

“Not for Sale” Credits
Shawn Mocey – vocals, guitar, bass, keys
John Collier – drums
Abdul – vocals
Kharee – vocals

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Trevor Leonard

Mastered by Kim Rosen for Knack Mastering (http://www.knackmastering.com/)

Published by Kiera Plan Music, BMI

All in One Place

What’s up, world?!

My name is Shawn, and since 2006 I’ve been making music with a number of amazing collaborators as The Kiera Plan.  Almost 10 years and 2 full albums of music in, I’m more excited about the project than ever.  I’m headed into the studio this Sunday to record some new music that will be coming your way early in 2016.  I can’t wait to share the new sound, the new mission, and the message of this new music with you.

In the meantime, all of the Kiera Plan music, videos, lyrics, info, and news will be here for you in one place on this new blog.

The music is a great place to start: all 22 songs we’ve released to date are up now streaming for you right here, along with lyrics, info, and videos.

Check out the Dedication page to hear all of our first album

Dedication 500

Right Now to hear all of our second record,

Right Now 500

and – if you missed it – the acoustic single “Time Flies” is also up here.

Time Flies 500

You can find our new Instagram, our Facebook, Twitter, and more on the Links page.

I’ll have more blog for you pre-, during, and post-studio, so I hope you’ll check back for that.

For now, thanks for reading, and welcome to our new site!