Music Monday: “The End of the Dream”

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This song, like a lot of songs I write, started with the bassline.  I wrote this line back in 2000, for what would have been a uptempo high-energy rock song if my band at the time had put it out.  It never came all the way together in the studio though, so years later, when drummer John Collier and I were working on music for the first Kiera Plan album, it was still something I was playing around with.


Shawn at CBGBs in NYC, in June of 2000

A cool thing happened, as it often does when you’re collaborating: John heard something very different in the line, and started laying down a different kind of beat than I was expecting:  it was chill, and paired with the bassline the song suddenly seemed to have a vibe I didn’t even plan on.

So “The End of the Dream” became a really unique song on that first album; it became one big experiment with a lot of little experiments in it.  I had never really grabbed that vibe before, so it led to trying a lot of things for the first time – the dueling synthesizers you’ll hear being one of my favorites.

These experimental songs have really held up for me in a way that not everything does.  I’m always excited to hear “The End of the Dream” when it comes on shuffle, and I still love what a unique track it is in the Kiera Plan catalog.

In a few weeks, we’ll be taking this bold experimentation to a whole new level when we start releasing the first 3 singles from what will ultimately be the 3rd Kiera Plan LP.   In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the vibe of “The End of the Dream.”



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