Music Monday: “Starting Over Today”

Get “Starting Over Today” on iTunes or Amazon.

“Starting Over” seemed thematically appropriate to kick off the  New Year and all of our resolutions to strive for a better life this year.

There are a couple people who continue to make this song really special for me.  One of those people is Dan Pawlovich.

Dan Studio Crop


You might know Dan as the drummer for Valencia on their last record, or from his group Mosey.  Most recently, you would have seen him on tour drumming for Panic at the Disco.  I felt lucky to have Dan involved in the second Kiera Plan album – he hit the studio with Vincent Ratti and me to lay down 11 tracks of amazing percussion in just 2 days!

What amazes me listening to Dan’s drum work on “Starting Over” is knowing that Dan came up with this more or less on the spot.  He had heard my demos for the full album, but we only had one practice before our recording session – and we didn’t get to “Starting Over”!

When recording day came, Dan and I sat down with Vince Ratti at the Skylight Studio, played through each song a few times, and then BAM! – the red light went on, and Dan made it happen.  I was blown away by how naturally he was able to get a feel for a song and to really bring it to life on his kit.

When you’re making a record, after you lay down all the tracks – instruments, vocals, etc. – the next phase is mixing it all together.  You start mixing when you know the recording is all done.  That’s where we were for Right Now when one afternoon  I happened to hear at work what I thought was Christina Aguilera on the radio – I was wrong.  It turned out that it was my new colleague Stephanie Brown singing live for a special event.  I couldn’t believe what a strong voice Steph had!  I didn’t want to put the new record out without her on it.  Fortunately, Steph was down to record with us.  So, we put the mix on hold, scheduled one last recording session with Steph, and the rest is on the record.  You’ll definitely know when Steph’s voice comes in on “Starting Over”!

Steph Radio Screenshot


I hope you enjoy it!  We’ll have another track for you next Monday, and in the meantime we’ll be live-Tweeting from the studio this Wednesday January 6th from 11am until 4pm and posting pics on our Instagram as we finish up some brand new music!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year!



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